14 Occasions Hollywood Celebrities Supported (Or Backstabbed) Every Different In Sudden Methods

14 Occasions Hollywood Celebrities Supported (Or Backstabbed) Every Different In Sudden Methods

This listing celebrates these relationships and appears on the tales of how a few of Hollywood’s largest stars have helped one another out. From Tom Cruise and Todd Area to John Cena and The Rock, we discover the tales of how these stars have used their affect to assist one another out of their careers. We additionally have a look at tales of stars like Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, who’ve fought for equal pay and illustration in Hollywood. 

We additionally have a look at the darker facet of Hollywood, and the way among the largest names within the enterprise have taken benefit of their energy and affect. From Harvey Weinstein to Les Moonves, we have a look at how a few of Hollywood’s strongest males have used their affect to harm these round them. 

So be part of us as we discover the tales of how Hollywood’s largest stars have helped one another out, and the way among the strongest individuals within the enterprise have used their affect to harm these round them. It is an interesting journey, and one which reveals the true energy of relationships in Hollywood.

Ashley Judd: 1, Weinstein: 0.

14 Occasions Hollywood Celebrities Supported (Or Backstabbed) Every Different In Sudden Methods

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Weinstein’s predatory habits: career-ruining.

CRACKED HARVEY WEINSTEIN AND KATE BECKINSALE When Kate Beckinsale was 17, she says Harvey Weinstein made unwanted sexual advances towards her. She believes that turning him down damaged her career.

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Hollywood’s ‘Boys Membership’.

CRACKED SEAN YOUNG AND EVERY CREEP IN HOLLYWOOD Sean Young said that some of the biggest names in Hollywood, like Ridley Scott, Oliver Stone, and Warren Beatty, messed with her career in the '80s and '90s because she wouldn't give in to their advances.

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Moonves’ revenge.

CRACKED LES MOONVES AND JANET JACKSON Les Moonves, the CEO of CBS, was determined to punish Janet Jackson for her Super Bowl performance with Justin Timberlake. Не made sure they couldn't appear at the 2004 Grammys and then told MTV and VH1 to stop playing her music and videos.


Justice League: threats included.

CRACKED GAL GADOT AND JOSS WHEDON Gal Gadot, who starred in Justice League, said that Joss Whedon threatened to ruin her career when she asked to make changes to her character in the 2017 movie. She quickly reported the issue to the people in charge, who sorted it out.

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Courtney Love: No to Pitt.

CRACKED COURTNEY LOVE AND BRAD PITT In 1999, Courtney Love was offered a part in Fight Club with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. She said no to Pitt's idea for a movie about her late husband, Kurt Cobain, and was let go from the role.

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Manson’s sabotage plan?

CRACKED MARILYN MANSON AND COREY FELDMAN Corey Feldman said that Marilyn Manson messed up his 2017 tour by hiring backup singers who were told to sing and play the wrong notes, so people would give bad reviews.

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Bale to the rescue.

CRACKED CHRISTIAN BALE AND AMY ADAMS In 2013, Christian Bale stepped in to help out when Amy Adams and director David О. Russell had a disagreement on the set of American Hustle. Не acted as a mediator between the two and managed to keep the peace.

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Adele is aware of greatest.

CRACKED JENNIFER LAWRENCE AND ADELE Jennifer Lawrence said that Adele had warned her not to take on the role in the 2016 space drama Passengers. And it ended up being one of her most panned films.

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Equal pay, finally.

CRACKED CHRIS PRATT AND BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD Chris Pratt offered to help Bryce Dallas Howard get the same amount of money for the Jurassic World trilogy and related things like video games and theme park rides. INAL THE AMINAL prime video T

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Rock mentioned it.

CRACKED JOHN CENA AND THE ROCK John Cena says that The Rock gave him the courage to be himself in films. The Rock told him, They asked you there for a reason dude; just be yourself.

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Tom Cruise: 1, Weinstein: 0.

CRACKED ТОМ CRUISE AND TODD FIELD Tom Cruise gave Todd Field a detailed plan on how to protect his movie In the Bedroom from Harvey Weinstein's meddling. It worked, and the movie ended up getting five Oscar nominations.

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Cranston takes Rudd’s recommendation.

CRACKED BRYAN CRANSTON AND PAUL RUDD Bryan Cranston asked Paul Rudd for advice on his comedy Why Him?, which wasn't doing so great. Rudd suggested he should try adding his own lines to the script, and it really improved Cranston's performance.

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Adam Sandler has accomplished extra for comedy than we ever knew.

CRACKED SALMA HAYEK AND ADAM SANDLER For almost two decades, Hollywood thought Salma Hayek was too hot to be in comedies. It wasn't until she was in her 40s and met Adam Sandler that she was finally given the opportunity to show her funny side. GUC ART FILM LACMA ARTO FILM UCCI L GUCCI CMA ART & FI

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