Why Is Batman in The Flash Film and Extra Trailer Questions Answered

Why Is Batman in The Flash Film and Extra Trailer Questions Answered

Regardless of the case, Keaton’s Batman has seemingly been out of fee for some time (we see glimpses of a bloodied batsuit and a protracted, grey-haired Wayne opening a secret passageway. Whereas his essential go well with does certainly appear like an up to date model of the Batman ’89 costume, we get a glimpse of a few of his others…

Why Is Batman in The Flash Film and Extra Trailer Questions Answered

A few notable ones right here: notice that the one on the far left has two gun holsters, which point out that it could possibly be drawing a bit of comics inspiration from the no-longer-canon Batman: Yr Two comics story. The bat-logo on it seems like a barely stylized model of that from the 1966 Batman TV sequence, which could point out it’s from early on this Batman’s profession. But it surely’s additionally price mentioning that the Thomas Wayne model of Batman wasn’t averse to carrying a pair of 45s. Or possibly it’s only a tribute to key Batman inspiration, The Shadow, who actually by no means shared the Darkish Knight’s aversion to firearms, and routinely blasted baddies into the hereafter with a pair of automatics. There’s additionally one with a comics-accurate blue-and-grey colour scheme, which hopefully we’ll get when the brand new DCU Batman and Robin film, The Courageous and the Daring, hits in a couple of years. However I digress…

Why are there two Barry Allens?

Who is that this apparently un-superheroic model of Barry Allen tagging alongside for the experience? Is that this merely the Barry of a model of the timeline the place Nora Allen wasn’t murdered, Henry Allen didn’t go to jail, and Barry lived a traditional, un-powered life? It will appear so (and it additionally seems that he’s a bit youthful than “prime” Barry, probably nonetheless residing at house, having a teenage-style bed room and longer hair), which could point out that this timeline is definitely chronologically set in 2013, which might line up with the Man of Metal imagery and Normal Zod stuff within the trailer. However there’s one other, creepier risk…

Is Reverse-Flash The Secret Villain of The Flash film?

The truth that after we first meet this Barry he’s sporting a yellow hoodie and headphones does bring to mind key Flash rogue, Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash. I wrote about this in additional element right here again in 2021 when the primary footage from this film hit, however the quick model is: what if this isn’t an alternate Barry in any respect, however fairly Thawne in disguise?

It additionally seems that neither Barry has their velocity powers for a piece of the film. Within the case of the “second” Barry (let’s put aside the Thawne idea for the second), it’s as a result of he wouldn’t have them but at this level within the timeline, anyway. However within the case of “prime” Barry, effectively, within the Flashpoint comics, one of many negative effects of his altering the timeline was the lack of his powers, powers that are solely restored through a painful lightning harnessing trick with Batman’s assist (which we additionally appear to glimpse within the trailer).

Why is Normal Zod again?

We hear Barry say one thing to the impact that his actions created a world with out metahumans. And since within the DCEU (which this film continues to be a part of) didn’t actually go “public” with metahuman exercise till the occasions of Man of Metal (and humorous sufficient, The Flash might be launched proper round that film’s tenth anniversary), then it will make sense for that to be the purpose the place issues first actually begin to diverge noticeably how issues are alleged to go. If Clark Kent doesn’t emerge from his low-key life-style to combat off Zod and his Kryptonian military, then Zod wins, and that’s the tip of Earth.


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